Welcome!  On this website you will find oboe and English horn reeds custom made for every customer.  You will also find your resource for your oboe and English horn repair needs with Ken Decker, oboe and English horn specialist.

Sandy’s reeds are made by Sandy Stimson, an experienced performer and professionally trained oboist whose resume includes Principal oboe, Associate Principal Oboe and English horn positions with various symphony orchestras.

I offer custom handmade oboe and English horn reeds that are warm in tone, responsive,  and stable,  tuned to A=440. My reeds are guaranteed against defects such as cracking, leaking or damage from shipping upon arrival. Through many years of teaching oboe privately, I understand the various needs of oboists. I work directly with customers, and you are welcome to contact me with special requests.

Ken Decker, oboe and English horn specialist

I have been repairing woodwinds for over 40 years. I specialize now in oboe, English horn, and clarinets.  I do all phases of repairs including overhauls, crack repairs, general adjustments, key modifications and additions.
You may contact me at:  (406) 222-5529 or dmsoboe@yahoo.com


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